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Title: What is new?
Post by: banmrk on June 30, 2018, 07:05:10 PM
On here, you will find all the details of the new projects that have been uploaded to this site.

Errors fixed on the website

*renamed Micheal Jackson that was showing Micky and Mini Mouse. Now renamed to Micky and Mini mouse (with my apologies).
*Relocated Micheal Jackson 2 to famous faces from Children zone.
*Renamed Famous Actors to Famous Faces.

New additions to the website

Added new Bed spread to the website, link: (
Added new double bed spread featuring well known cartoon characters (
Added new A - Z Learning with fun (
Added new chair backs added to the site (
Added Harold Godwinson (Harold I) embroidery ( (
Added Old Friend from Work ( (
NEW CATEGORY ADDED: Paintings (under other projects)
Added new topic - Tutankhamen painting with beads ( (
Added new topic - My brother David ( (
Added new topic: My husband Paul Banks (
Added new topic: Bird (need to get name from mum) ( (
Added new topic: Dog painting ( (
Added new topic: Carly (My brothers dog) ( (
Added new topic: My son Mark ( (
Added new topic: A beautiful horse painting ( (
Added new topic: Thomas the tank engine and friends ( (
Added new topic: Courage for those who made us a better future ( (
NEW CATEGORY ADDED: Models (under other projects)
Added new topic: Small Chapel ( (
Added new topic: Cushion (used for exam when I was at school) ( (
Added new topic:: Bag with yellow rose ( (